Larsen, from Torino Italy, has released 17 full length albums and 4 eps, which got remarkable worldwide press, performed all over Europe and North America in almost 25 years of activity.

Collaborations with such artists as Johann Johannsson, Michael Gira, Martin Bisi, Lustmord, Deathprod, Nurse With Wound, Z’EV, Baby Dee, Julia Kent, sci-fi icon Christine Schell plus the project- a band in itself- XXL (aka Xiu Xiu + Larsen) also stand out on their record.

In 2008 legendary dub-diva Little Annie (a.k.a. Annie Anxiety Bandez) joined the band as lead singer and lyricistappearing on “La Fever Lit” and “Cool Cruel Mouth” and live on stage on the related tours.

2016 sees the band representing itself as instrumental unit with a new album “Of Grog Vim” (featuring special guest Thor Harris from Swans). A new Larsen EP “Tiles”featuring Annie and a new XXL “Puff O’Gigio” album have been released in late 2018.The latest Larsen album “Arrival Vibrate”, tribute to their friend Z’EV and featuring a remix by John Duncan has been released October 2019 by Important Records.

Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo: gtr, electric viola
Marco “il Bue” Schiavo: drums, cymbals glockenspiel
Paolo Dellapiana: electronics, accordion, theremin
Roberto Maria Clemente: gtr

by Larsen