Nate Hall, 2017 – “Uktena started in my head years ago. I wanted to create something independent of my other work. I initially played some with my friend Eric, but he started a band that took off around here so he was tied up with that. I also recorded a song with tony wyioming, but that wasn’t sustainable. I met the bass player Joe at work and he was a guitar player rather than a bassist, which is what I ideally wanted. And he didn’t know who I was, which gave him fresh eyes and ears. I met Ben around town, and he’s a solid dude with a lot of similar musical tastes. Scott has been playing drums with me for years so I knew that would work. I wanted a really distinct buzz saw guitar tone, wanted to use samples in the vein of buzzoven, but not as psychologically disturbing. A more humanistic approach, with hope and new ideas. To understand ourselves as humans.”

Our Path To Trouble
by Uktena