The End of Six Thousand Years – Ep 2023

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THE END OF SIX THOUSAND YEARS crafted a comeback release that will hit both hard and direct as well as challenge the listeners with its rich detail and enormous atmosphere. Extreme, yet diverse. Intense, captivating and simply brooding in every form!
The EP marks a new era for a band that has proven to continue to make music of the highest quality despite facing many challenges and line-up changes along the way.
Encompassing elements of black-death metal, post rock, dark punk and more and shrouded under a veil of bleakness, THE END OF SIX THOUSAND YEARS casts its spell and captures an atmosphere that is raw, otherworldly, and ultimately tragic.


Drums recorded by Francesco Tosi at Hangar 121 (12/21).
Guitars and bass recorded by Alexander Lizzori at Elfo studio (03/22).
Vocals recorded by Alex Bounty Conte (05/22).

Mixed by Gabriele Gramaglia.

Mastered by Simon Da Silva and Fernando Lopez at Empty Hall Studio.


Nicola Donà – Vocals
Gianmaria Mustillo – Guitars
Michele Basso – Guitars
Luca Dalù – Bass
Matteo Borzini – Drums