Viscera/// – XX – We Regret Everything

Limited and unique celebratory greatest hits tape, forged for the V///’s 20th anniversary show, set on Oct. 30th 2020 at the Bloom in Mezzago (I).

Contains 10 crushing hits selected by bassist G.C., representing the whole journey of the band so far.
All tracks had a proper studio analogic re-processing and remastering in order to fit perfectly with the tape format.

Each copy also includes a deluxe band logo embroided patch crafted by Lady Patch.
A genuine and exclusive gift for every hardcore fan of the band.
Limited to 50 specimens.

Track selection: G.C.
Remaster: Alexander Lizzori
Original artwork and layout: Giorgio Salmoiraghi
All songs written and performed by Viscera/// (2007-2018)
Tracks 02 and 03 courtesy of SoulFlesh Collector.
Tracks 04, 05 and 07 courtesy of Consouling Sounds.
Track 06 courtesy of Unquiet Records.
Tracks 08 and 09 courtesy of Wooaaargh.
Track 10 courtesy of Toten Schwan and Thrird-I Rex.